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Keynotes & Dinner Speeches
by Lon Roberts, Ph.D.

Dr. Roberts is available to deliver entertaining keynotes and dinner speeches on thought-provoking topics that are geared for leaders, and emerging leaders, in public and private sector organizations. The speeches are delivered with an engaging style that encourages leaders to expand their awareness of emerging challenges in society and the opportunities that these challenges pose in leading their organizations in the 21st century.


Keynote Title


Malice in Numberland
Misuses and Abuses of Statistics

Numbers can have a powerful influence in gaining support for a certain position. In this eye-opening presentation, Dr. Lon Roberts presents compelling evidence that the use of "creative statistics" is on the rise. Laced with examples—some humorous, some outrageous—his insights on how, why, and where this is happening will help you guard against being unwittingly manipulated by quantitative data. In the sound bite world in which we live, it is important for all of us to be aware of the ploys plied by the perpetrators of Malice in Numberland. The insights will benefit both users and purveyors of statistical data in the workplace.

SPC for White Collar Process and People

White collar processes, and the people who support these processes, differ considerably from the processes (and the people) in the machine shop environment where SPC originated. Using SPC, both literally and metaphorically, Dr. Lon Roberts describes what analytical-types can and must do to bridge the communications gap between themselves and the "right-brain" thinkers who are front-line providers of professional services to customers. He also describes the special challenges of white collar processes and how SPC can accommodate these challenges.

The People In the Process

In the 1990s there was much discussion about the need for giving front-line employees the authority to solve problems and make decisions. Though the concept of empowerment was well-intentioned, it often didn't produce the desired results. This presentation will help you see and understand the missing ingredients in making empowerment live up to its potential.

The 30 Percent Principle

The 30 Percent Principle is a transformation process designed to take your business to the next level . . . to a level of attainment that's not possible by doing a better job of what you've been doing . . . to a place beyond the reach of 6-Sigma, with its focus on defect-elimination and arcane statistical techniques. By contrast, The 30 Percent Principle is a framework for achieving rapid innovation . . . and doing so without relying on a cadre of "Black Belts" to spearhead projects. If you want to go where 6-Sigma, can't take you, you'll want to hear this compelling presentation.

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