Process Reengineering: The Key To Achieving Breakthrough Success

by Lon Roberts, Ph.D.

"...a must reading for those of us having any amount of management responsibility. It is clear that the long-standing, heavy reliance on traditional organizational structure and philosophy no longer applies in today's fast-paced business environment. We are now seeing the emergence of the cross-functional team approach as an effective means of delivering custom value."

- Bob Caster, President and CEO, Lennox Ind. (Canada) Ltd.

"This book is well organized, clearly written, and contains several gems of information not found in other similar books. Dr. Roberts also links topics, such as reengineering, continuous improvement, and benchmarking in their logical relationship."

- Ross J. Gilbert, Manager, Quality Systems Development

"For large organizations that need a structured approach to work simplification, this is a good how-to."

- Robert W. Reip, Consultant, Quality Matters

"The book is clear, concise, and some of the most enjoyable text I've read in years. [This book] has adequately communicated the key to achieving breakthrough success.

- Jack Pompeo, Vice President, Quality and Customer Satisfaction, Alcatel Network Systems

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