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Selling To Women & Couples:
Secrets of Selling in the New Millennium

by Sharon Roberts

Practical advice on selling to women and couples that challenges conventional sales wisdom. Shows you how to tap into the profitable women's market -- a market that accounts for over 80% of all purchases. (104 pp. Also available on Audio CD) Reviews


Fast Fatless Factsô On Negotiating
by Lon Roberts, Ph.D. & Sharon Roberts

A no-nonsense book for people who need rapid-access to practical facts on negotiating . . . people who donít have time to wade through theories and mound of information to find what they're looking for. Succinctly describes 34 negotiating principles and 10 negotiating tactics.  Includes a negotiating information check-sheet and planned application forms. (70 pp.)

Process Reengineering:
 The Key To Achieving Breakthrough Success

by Lon Roberts, Ph.D.

A sensible guide to revamping business processes without decimating the organization. Provides a how-to methodology, including practical tools to support the methodology (207 pp.)  Reviews

SPC for Right-Brain Thinkers:
Process Control for Non-Statisticians

by Lon Roberts, Ph.D.

This book is more than "made-easy" book on statistical process control, it was written specifically for "right-brain" thinkers who support processes in the service industry . . . people who are perhaps intimidated by or turned off by statistical theory but need to know how to use this powerful tool on the job. Click here to read an excerpt.

Managing Stress in High-Pressure Projects
by Lon Roberts, Ph.D.

Stress does more than put people's health at risk, it is also diminishes the creative energy capacity of knowledge workers and contributes to costly errors. This book does more than talk about the problem, it shows managers what they can do about it.

Audio CD & Audio Tape

Selling to Women & Couples:
Secrets of Selling in the New Millennium

(96-min Audio CD. Book-on-CD read by the author, Sharon Roberts)









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