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Personal Coaching


Sharon Roberts is the executive coach for CEO Netweavers Speaker Ready Room. She has also served as an executive coach for the prestigious Global Institute for Leadership Development (GILD). Click here for her bio.

What is personal coaching?
Personal coaching sessions provide the opportunity for individuals to confer in real-time with a Roberts & Roberts Associates subject matter expert (SME) on specific topics that pertain to them and their job. Coaching may deal with topics related to our areas of expertise or it may focus on a particular challenge or opportunity - such as, advice on how to make a compelling presentation to garner support for a major initiative, or how to handle a delicate matter with a client. It's like having a personal trainer and private consultant rolled into one!

How are the sessions conducted?
The personal coaching sessions may be conducted over the phone and/or arrangements can be made to meet with a Roberts & Roberts Associates SME face-to-face. Face-to-face sessions may last anywhere from one to eight hours while telephone sessions may last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours each.

What are the benefits of coaching?
Coaching offers numerous benefits for individuals who need rapid, real-time advice that is customized to their needs and circumstances. Consider these:

How does coaching differ from training?
Training courses are intended to reach an audience with varying degrees of skill and experience, and they are paced accordingly. While web-based courses allow for flexible pacing, they are optimized for delivering “factual or procedural information” to a large, geographically dispersed audience. Coaching, on the other hand, is ideal for dealing with complex skills on a personal and private basis that involve the intricacies of human nature. While each has its place, one is not a substitute for the other.

What topics can be covered in a coaching session?
A coaching session may focus on a particular skill development area or it may be intended to address an immediate challenge or opportunity - your call! Either way the information and advice will be personalized to your needs, and the discussion will be private and confidential.

Coaching that involves skill development may focus on one or more the topic areas in the Roberts & Roberts Associates domain of expertise. (See our curriculum for areas of expertise.) Here are some examples:

Regardless of the topic, bear in mind that the discussion, analysis, and recommendations will focus on your needs and the circumstances that are unique to you.

How do I get started?
Getting started is quick and easy. First identify the immediate challenge you are facing or the areas in which you would like to improve your skills. Then call
972.596.2956 or send a message to info@R2assoc.com to arrange a coaching session. Depending on which works best for you, billing can be on a monthly retainer basis or on-demand basis. Payment can be made via credit card.


Personal Coaching ... by phone or face-to-face

Consider the advantages!


 Topics of interest can be customized
 Can be scheduled in small blocks of time
 Can deal with sensitive issues in private
 Doesn't require travel time or dollars
 Doesn't require a training facility or equipment
 Doesn't lock you into a group training session
 Doesn't require a minimum number of participants

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