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Sharon Roberts is the principal coach for CEO Netweavers' Speaker Ready Room.

Sharon Roberts . . .

... is a dynamic, international speaker who has presented to audiences, large and small, with participants from a cross-section of industries.

Sharon has been a featured guest on CNNfn as well as numerous radio shows throughout North America. The presentation skills workshop she has conducted over the past 18 years has helped thousands of people deliver memorable, dynamic presentations that get results by moving people to action. <click here for Sharon's bio>

As a speaking coach, Sharon will work with you one-on-one to build on the qualities that make you "uniquely you" rather than trying to force-fit you into a cookie-cutter mold. She will help you develop the brand that is "you" ... allowing the captivating, dynamic speaker that is within to emerge!

Sharon's proven formula for success is available to anyone who is interested in delivering powerful, persuasive presentations . . . and being able to do so without paralyzing fear or anxiety.


Here are examples of applications and circumstances where Sharon can help as a speaking coach:

  • Aspiring speakers who are serious about earning money as a professional speaker

  • Experienced speakers who are ready to launch their career to the next level by adding polish and pizzazz to their presentations

  • Sales professionals who want to be able to "wing it with class" when making presentations to individuals or groups

  • Executives who need to make a compelling presentation to garner support for a major initiative

  • Individuals who are responsible for giving briefings to clients or senior managers ... or to anyone who doesn't have the time or patience to sit through a dull, boring presentation of "the facts"

  • Public relations professionals who have to give live interviews ... knowing that their effectiveness as a speaker reflects on their company's public image

Coaching Options:

  • One-on-one coaching over the phone ... 24/7 by arrangement

  • Face-to-face coaching

  • Offline support, such as reviewing bios, scripts, and introductions

  • Reviewing taped segments and providing feedback on your style, delivery, content

Coaching Areas:

Depending on your needs and experience, Sharon can provide coaching to assist in the following:

  • Clarifying your purpose so that the audience members will be clear on the intent of your presentation and what you expect them to do with the information you provide

  • Organizing your presentation so that it presents a clear, cogent, and cohesive message

  • Making a great impression when you are introduced

  • Making a powerful opening ... one that will immediately grab the audience's attention

  • Providing guidance on using scripts, prompters, visual aids, etc.

  • Paring your message down ... diminishing the "fog factor"

  • Enhancing your message with "silent signals" ... the non-verbals that your audience will pick up on and use to make judgments about your sincerity, honesty, integrity, etc.

  • Pointing out precautions in using presentation support equipment ... microphones, lecterns, computers, lighting, etc.

  • Fielding questions and navigating your way through delicate issues

  • Making a lasting impression with your closing remarks

  • Dealing with difficult audience members

  • Recovering from "disasters"

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Phone: 972.596.2956

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