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Presentation & Dinner Speeches
by Lon Roberts, Ph.D.

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An Inspiring & Informative Presentation on Dealing With
Competing Demands on Your Time, Energy, and Attention

According to a recent Harris Poll, 57% of professional workers say they are busier than ever but are getting less done. True to the cliché, most of us are reacting to pressures to “do more with less”—both in our businesses and our personal lives. Yet, more often than not this gives rise to “multitasking mania”—an out-of-control condition that can trick us into mistaking busy-ness for results.

Nevertheless, multitasking is here to stay. The challenge we face is how to multitask sanely and purposefully—or else continue in the reactive mode of “fighting fires, “greasing squeaky wheels, and “loading up our plates and until something falls off.”

In this enlightening, uplifting, and informative presentation Dr. Lon Roberts will share insights—laced with humor—from recent research on multitasking along with suggestions on how to get the most out of multitasking as a strategy for coping with the challenges of a workplace where employees are faced with task overload and a drain on their emotional energy and intellectual creativity. 

The presentation can be customized, but here is a typical set of topics that will be covered:

Duration: 60 to to 90 minutes

Dr. Roberts is available to deliver entertaining keynotes and dinner speeches on thought-provoking topics that are geared for leaders, and emerging leaders, in public and private sector organizations. The speeches are delivered with an engaging style that encourages leaders to expand their awareness of emerging challenges in society and the opportunities that these challenges pose in leading their organizations in the 21st century.

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