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Relating & Communicating Styles
- Self Assessment -

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Part-1 Instructions:
Each numbered line below contains a pair of contrasting statements (for example "Make requests" versus "Make direct statements").  For each pair of contrasting statements, choose the letter on the scale (A, B, C, or D) that you feel most closely describes you. Make your choice based on the following:

Note: there are no good or bad choices. Please do not omit any items!

1. Make requests

 Make direct statements

  A B C D
2. Speak rapidly and

 Carefully choose words
when speaking

  A B C D
3. Careful detailed planner

Rapid-action person

  A B C D
4. Often appear too hard
on people

Often appear too soft
on "the issues"

  A B C D
5. Gather extensive data
to make decisions

 Make quick decisions

  A B C D
6. Risk-taker

  Avoid risks

  A B C D
7. Do not openly express
personal opinions

Openly express
personal opinions

  A B C D
8. "Take-charge"
 kind of person .

 "Behind the scenes"
kind of person

  A B C D
9. Work best when not
under pressure .

Work best
under pressure

  A B C D
10. "Get down to business"
 kind of person

"Get acquainted first"
kind of person

  A B C D
11. Am most concerned with
being fair

Am most concerned with
getting results

  A B C D
12. Independent

.Involve others when
making decisions

  A B C D
13. Seek the viewpoint
of others

Seek verifiable facts
rather than opinions

  A B C D
14. Don't share
personal information

personal information

  A B C D
15. Place principles
ahead of outcomes

Place outcomes
ahead of principles

  A B C D
16. Smile

Laugh out loud

  A B C D
17. Drawn to jobs that have
excitement potential

Drawn to jobs that have
results potential

  A B C D
18. Serious


  A B C D

Part-2 Instructions:
For each of the following statements, select the number on the scale (1 to 4) that best describes your comfort-level in each situation (1 = uncomfortable to 4 = comfortable).



    1 2 3 4
19.  Dealing with people who like to "get to the point."
20.  Dealing with highly organized people.
21.  Dealing with people who are sensitive to feelings.
22.  Dealing with people who are enthusiastic.
23.  Dealing with people who like to take charge.
24.  Dealing with detail-oriented people.
25.  Dealing with people who prefer to share responsibility.
26.  Dealing with idea-people.
27.  Dealing with people who "tell it like it is."
28.  Dealing with people who seek data to support decisions.
29.  Dealing with people who need everyone to agree.
30.  Dealing with highly extroverted people.

Please check to ensure you have scored all items.

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Utilization Notice

This information is intended primarily for personal development purposes. Submission of this form authorizes Roberts Learning to collect, tabulate, and analyze the responses given to the questions contained herein.

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