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This webpage is a work-in-progress made available as a service to our clients. Our primary target is end-users. . .those who have a practical interest in what SPC can do for them or those who have direct responsibility for the quality of their products or services. Questions and suggestions are welcome. <Contact Us>

Finally, a book on SPC for White Collar workers!! 
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Article on Statistical Process Control for Right-Brain Thinkers
Click here to read Lon's article titled "Statistical Process Control for Right-Brain Thinkers" on the Process Excellence Network website.

Dataplot is a free, public-domain, multi-platform (Unix, VMS, Linux, Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT/2000, etc.) software system for scientific visualization, statistical analysis, and non-linear modeling. It is an interactive, command-driven language that uses high-level commands and English syntax. Nevertheless, it may not appeal to those who are uncomfortable with writing even basic code. Documentation for Dataplot can be accessed here.

Engineering Statistics Handbook
This free, 8-chapter handbook is available through the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). It can be read online or downloaded by clicking on the links provided on the website here. Note: the examples in the handbook are worked out using Dataplot (refer to the Dataplot information above).

SPC Control Charts in Excel
This is a free beta version of an Excel spreadsheet for constructing SPC control charts. The program was developed in the UK by the NHS Clinical Indicators Support Team. Note: to use the program you will need to have the Analysis Toolpak add-in activated in Excel. Do this by following this sequence of commands within Excel: Tools/Add-Ins.../<check the Analysis ToolPak box>/OK. The spreadsheet and documentation can be accessed on the NHS webpage located here.

This is an Excel add-in that simplifies the task of performing certain statistical calculations without having to create formulas using the statistical functions that are build into Excel. The software can be downloaded and used for free (a donation is requested), however the user must first agree to the "End User License Agreement" before the download will be allowed.  ( Pay careful attention to the Installation Instructions.) View EZAnalyze Demo

R is a free software environment and language for statistical computing and graphics. It compiles and runs on a number of platforms, including UNIX, Windows, and MacOS. R is a GNU project that provides an array of statistical and graphical techniques. The application, and a variety of supporting documentation, can be downloaded from the R project website.

This is a Linux open source spreadsheet application that includes statistical functions not found in MS Excel, including a built in Monte Carlo simulator. To access the Gnumeric website, click here.

MINITAB Release 17 
MINITAB is a stand-alone program for performing a variety of statistical analyses on data, including SPC charts. A free 30-day demo may be downloaded at the MINITAB website.

- SPC Training Programs for Non-Statisticians from Roberts & Roberts Associates -

SPC Briefing for Managers

SPC Workshop for End-Users

This 2-hour briefing is for managers and executives who wish to learn what SPC can do for them and what they, as managers, must do to get started with minimum cost and effort. It will also describe how to sustain success by applying a change strategy. Special consideration is given to the characteristics of the company's processes and the demands that these processes place on SPC.


This 1-day workshop is geared for individuals and teams who have a direct role in supporting processes within their organization. Emphasis is on practical skills and knowledge that pertain to end-users rather than statisticians. You will learn how to identify control points, collect data, and interpret patterns and trends. You will also learn how to use SPC in support of continuous process improvement.


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