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 Powerful Tools and Tactics for Internal and External Consultants_

Course Description:

Consultants use a variety of processes (or frameworks) to assist their clients in solving problems or taking advantage of opportunities. But regardless of the process, every consultant needs to be proficient in using certain tools and tactics within the process to bring it to life - to deal head-on with difficult human factors that consultants encounter but that do not fit neatly within the structure of the process.

In this engaging, half-day course, you will learn how to utilize a set of power tools and tactics that are an essential supplement to your domain-specific knowledge and skills - whether you are an internal or external consultant. To assist in remembering them and using them on the job, a tongue-in-cheek label is applied to each of the tools and techniques.  Anecdotes are also used to enliven the course and to stimulate engagement on the part of the participants.

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The Mark Twain Delusion
Diplomatically exposing and dealing with a client's false sense of well-being

Von Neumann's Challenge
Regardless of what the client may say or believe, the soft stuff is the hard stuff

The 10% Principle
The psychology of solving someone else's problems, including the pitfalls to avoid

Finding the Missing Holes
Principles learned from operations research on identifying elusive problems

Synthesis Before Parenthesis
The importance of reframing a problem before you start to solve it, and how to do it

The Juice Test
Gaining a sense of the genuine value a client places on solving a particular problem

To Infinity and Beyond
A set of considerations (dos and don'ts) on making "rough estimates"

The White Queen's Problem
Keeping the client focused when dealing with complicated, multifaceted problems

Playing the Hawthorne Card
Taking advantage of your "awe-factor" as a consultant to leverage your role as a change agent

Show Me the Money
Devising and utilizing simple ROI metrics to demonstrate your value as a consultant

Duration: one-half day

Lon Roberts, Ph.D. is the principal designer and instructor of the course. Dr. Roberts has held positions as a systems engineer, college professor, association executive, and is currently a principal partner of Roberts & Roberts Associates, an international training and consulting firm based in Plano, TX. He is also the author of five books and numerous
articles and is frequently invited to speak at conferences and professional meetings.

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