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Leading High-Performance Teams in
High-Pressure Projects

High stakes, high risks, tight budgets, severe time constraints … any of these alone is sufficient to diminish the performance of a team in which tightly-coupled collaboration is essential. But more often than not, in today’s workplace these factors are woven together in a dynamic tapestry where one factor plays off of another, adding to the challenge of leading such teams and delivering the intended results. This course deals with these challenges head-on.

Participants in this course will learn:

 – Topical Outline – 

  • How leading high-pressure projects differs from managing conventional projects

  • The leader’s role in dealing with complex human factors

  • Tactics effective leaders use to secure buy-in from the outset and compel knowledge workers to commit to work together as a team

  • Recognizing the factors and circumstances that give rise to counterproductive conflict in high-pressure environments

  • The art of getting and giving feedback

  • How effective leaders make decisions under pressure

  • Special challenges of managing teams where co-location is not possible

  • Cost and consequences of undisciplined multitasking

  • Tools and recommendations for fostering cooperation and communication

  • Proactive actions the leader needs to take to ensure team members are communicating and working in collaboration

  • Special challenges of leading multi-generational teams

  This course was designed and is instructed by the author of the book ... .

Audience: This course is geared for anyone who works in a high-pressure project environment where a breakdown in communication, cooperation, or collaboration can have significant consequences. Issues will be dealt with from the perspective of both the team leader and the individual contributors so that each may understand and appreciate the perspective of the other.

Duration: Half-day interactive training course with individual and team exercises. 

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