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Coordinating Decentralized Projects & Teams

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Course Description:
This program deals with a difficult reality in supporting and managing contemporary projects: How to effectively work with virtual teams and tightly-coupled projects that are spread across time, space, and cultures to deliver on-time results. The participants will learn practical skills for communicating, coordinating, and collaborating on complex projects when co location is not an option. Furthermore, the "distance manager" will learn how manage distributed projects given little, if any, direct control over resources, work habits, or individual job performance. Web-based tools for enhancing communication and collaboration on projects will also be covered.

Note: This is a content-focused program that deals with topics and challenges beyond the general principles of managing people and projects. It can also be customized to deal with challenges that are unique to the client's organization.


  • Critical success factors for distributed projects

  • Secrets of managing with limited control and visibility

  • Anatomy of a distributed project team

  • Getting off to a strong start with the distributed team

  • 3 dimensions of separation and the challenges of each

  • 7 roles of the distance manager the critical skill set

  • What does and doesn't work with off site employees

  • The critical inverse principle of managing distributed teams

  • How to motivate others at a distance

  • How to encourage collaboration and cooperation within distributed teams

  • Bridging cultural chasms critical dos and don'ts

  • How to ensure maximum productivity with minimum control

  • How to get and give feedback over space and time

  • Overcoming the law of communications entropy

  • Strategies for reporting and communicating over space and time

  • Cloud-based and social networking tools to support communication and collaboration

  • Safeguards and rules of conduct for using social networking tools


This course was designed by the author of the book . . .

And the forthcoming book ...

Why Projects Continue to Overrun Their Schedules and What to Do About It

Who Should Participate?
This training program will benefit anyone who has to work with or on a virtual project team, either as an individual contributor, technical lead, or manager of such a team.  This may include product design teams, project implementation teams, sales and marketing teams, business development teams, as well as the managers and project leaders of such teams.

Duration: 1-day.

Lon Roberts, Ph.D. is the principal designer and instructor of the course. Dr. Roberts has held positions as a systems engineer, college professor, association executive, and is currently a principal partner of Roberts & Roberts Associates, an international training and consulting firm based in Plano, TX. He is also the author of four books and numerous
articles and is frequently invited to speak at conferences and professional meetings.

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