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Leading & Energizing Technical Professionals

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This leading-edge program approaches the subject of managing technical professionals from a fundamentally different orientation than most courses dealing with this topic. Rather than starting with a “generic management model” and forcing it to fit, this program is grounded in what we know from research and best practices about enhancing the performance and job satisfaction of individuals who are drawn to technical professions. For instance, we know from research that technical “experts” differ from “novices” in ways that matter significantly from a manager’s perspective. This program accounts for this reality, avoiding the false stereotype that technical professionals think and reason as a monolithic entity. Also, rather than using made-up “exercises” that do not account for the subtleties and complexities of the work environment, this program uses customized job-related scenarios to reinforce the principles, thus allowing the participants to experience and deal with both the tough human issues as well as the “gray areas” they are likely to encounter on the job.

Participants who actively engage in the program will acquire the know-how to:

Topics and Skill Development Areas

Duration: 2-days

Lon Roberts, Ph.D. is the principal designer and instructor of the course. Dr. Roberts has held positions as a systems engineer, college professor, association executive, and is currently a principal partner of Roberts & Roberts Associates, an international training and consulting firm based in Plano, TX. He is also the author of four books and numerous
articles and is frequently invited to speak at conferences and professional meetings.

Sharon Roberts bring to the seminar her expertise in dealing with the critical human factors ... factors that are amplified in importance in an accelerated project environment where tensions are high and the margin for error is low.. Sharon is currently the President of Roberts & Roberts Associates and has held positions with Xerox, Raytheon, and Lennox Industries.

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