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Measuring and Monitoring
Organizational Performance

- Bridging the Gap Between Six-Sigma and Balanced Scorecards -

This course is geared for managers and other professionals who are responsible for measuring and monitoring the performance of the organizations in which they work.  It is based on four premises: 1) the people within the organization are the most knowledgeable of its systems; 2) there are tangible and intangible benefits from involving these individuals in measuring and monitoring the systems they support; 3) narrowly-focused solutions can sub-optimize the system; and 4) basic quantitative tools can be used for measuring and monitoring organizational performance without relying on complex statistical techniques, methods designed for defect-reduction, or a cadre of analysts to spearhead projects.

The course centers on maximizing the potential of seven performance-enhancement levers: Processes, Policies, Procedures, People, Projects, Productivity, and Priorities—collectively referred to as the 7-P Levers.  The participants will learn how to identify critical aspects associated with each of these levers, how to establish key performance indicators (KPIs), and how to monitor, track, and communicate the status of the performance-enhancement process over time.  This is a hands-on course that actively engages the participants, giving them ample opportunity to apply the principles and techniques to their own circumstances.


Take-Aways: Each participant will receive a set of course notes, worksheets, a CD with helpful files and templates, as well as a copy of Dr. Roberts’ cutting-edge book, “SPC for Right-Brain Thinkers: Process Control for Non-Statisticians.”

Duration: This is a two-day workshop that requires extensive involvement on the part of the participants.  A 2-hour briefing is also available for executives and other policy makers.

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