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Selling To Women & CouplesTM

Practical Skills for Negotiating With Product Sellers and Service Providers

This workshop deals with negotiating skills and strategies from the buyer's perspective. It is specially geared for professionals who are charged with procuring products and services from vendors and contractors while representing the "best interests" of their companies and internal customers.  While the workshop is based on the win-win philosophy of negotiations, it also addresses the reality that one-in-four people will assume an adversarial or competitive style of negotiationsa "hardball" style that can put a win-win negotiator at a severe disadvantage.  The workshop also deals with contemporary issues, such as team-based negotiations and negotiating via e-mail.  The principles covered in this workshop are reinforced through skill practices that simulate realistic negotiating scenarios from a buyer's perspective.


Duration: 2-day program. Note: a 1-day version is also available, but with reduced emphasis on select topics outlined above.

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