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Negotiating Skills for Managers and Technical Professionals


Course Description:

This course is designed for professionals who are occasionally required to negotiate with other parties in matters pertaining to terms, conditions, deliverables, and fees that are related to their technical specialty.  The workshop is designed to reinforce practical skills you will need to represent your interests in tough negotiating situations . . . skills that will help you hold your own without being intimidated by the confrontational style of the so-called “hard-nose” negotiator or the winner-takes-all style of the competitive negotiator . . . skills that will keep you from being exploited by those who do not play by the win-win rules.  The workshop also covers contemporary issues, such as team-based negotiations and negotiating via e-mail.  The concepts and methods covered in the workshop are reinforced using a tactical approach to learning that is employed by the U.S. Army in training field commanders.


  • Understanding the psychology of negotiations
  • Identifying, understanding, and adapting your negotiating style
  • Reading the style of others
  • Understanding silent signals your body language is sending
  • Games that adversarial negotiators play
  • Games that competitive negotiators play
  • Critical mistakes that are often made during negotiations
  • Pre-negotiations¾gathering information
  • Establishing your goals, objectives, and BATNA
  • Negotiating in impersonal situations, such as e-mail
  • Negotiating from a weak position
  • Establishing your negotiating strategy
  • Assessing the interests and motivations of the other party
  • Expanding the pie and building integrative agreements
  • Team negotiations¾important dos and don’ts
  • Keeping the situation under control
  • Giving and taking concessions
  • Effective negotiating tactics¾tips and techniques
  • Breaking deadlocks and avoiding impasses
  • Competitive bidding¾some important dos and don’ts
  • Bringing the negotiations to successful closure
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Duration: 1-day


Lon Roberts, Ph.D.
is the principal designer and instructor of the course. Dr. Roberts has held positions as a systems engineer, college professor, association executive, and is currently a principal partner of Roberts & Roberts Associates, an international training and consulting firm based in Plano, TX. He is also the author of four books and numerous
articles and is frequently invited to speak at conferences and professional meetings.

Sharon Roberts brings to the seminar her expertise in dealing with the critical human factors ... factors that are amplified in importance in negotiating circumstances where tensions are high and body language can send unintended signals to the other party. Sharon is currently the President of Roberts & Roberts Associates. She has also held positions with Xerox, Raytheon, and Lennox Industries.

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