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Tools and Techniques for Solving Problems and Improving Processes


This workshop builds skills for solving problems at the point where they occurin the trenches. It is intended for organizations who recognize that "empowerment" requires more than lip-service or wishful thinking ... true empowerment requires that frontline employees have ready-access to the tools they need in order to recognize, prevent, and solve problems.

The participants in this workshop will become skilled in using the Process Improvement Toolkit to solve problems and exploit opportunities that impact productivity, yield, and production cycle time. They will learn . . .

. . . how to recognize which tool to use and when
. . . how the tools are used to support a systematic problem solving method
. . . how to recognize on-the-job opportunities for applying the tools
. . . how to work together as a cohesive team to solve problems and implement solutions


  • 4 Steps to Effective Problem Solving

  • Identifying Opportunities for Improvement

  • How to Solve Problems in a Team Setting

  • Understanding the Process Improvement Tools

  • Selecting the Right Tool for the Job

  • A Checklist of Critical Dos and Don'ts

  • Practical Applications and Exercises


This course was designed and is instructed by the author of the book . . .

Workshop Materials

Every participant will receive the following:

Duration: 1-day

Optional Assessment: For companies that would like pinpoint job-related improvement opportunities based on input from participants in the course, we suggest that each participant complete our online MAP Critical Issues Survey prior to attending the course. This value-added option allows for rapid identification of need-improvement areas based on 1) the criticality of the problem and 2) the degree of consensus among the participants.

Optional Follow-On Coaching: We also recommend that the facilitator be involved in at least one team meeting following the workshop in order to monitor and coach the team members in action while they are applying the process improvement tools and techniques.

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