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Applying PM Techniques & Techniques On The Job


This workshop is geared for those who wish to improve their project management skills on the job ... rather than a cram course for passing the PMP exam. The emphasis is on utilizing an adaptable framework to plan, organize, execute, and deliver projects, rather than force-fitting projects to a rigid process. PM tools and techniques are introduced throughout the course in the context of supporting this framework.

Also covered are issues related to streamlining projects, keeping projects on track, dealing with changing requirements, handling outside interference, and avoiding communications disconnects. In a nutshell, project management is positioned as a team-based approach to planning and organizing projects with the intent of fulfilling stakeholder expectations. The participants will acquire practical skills in, planning, tracking, reporting, and controlling a project by working in teams to develop a job-related project plan.

Here is a breakout of the topics covered in the course.  Please note, as described in the Options below, that the emphasis can be customized to address client-specific areas of concern.


Introduction to Projects and Project Management
7 Fundamental Tenets of Project Management
Roles and Responsibilities of an Effective Project Manager
Best Practices

The Project Lifecycle
Phases of the Project Lifecycle - Seeing the Big Picture
Project Development Models
Pinpointing Schedule/Cost Overruns

Identifying and Managing Requirements and Customer Expectations
Identifying and Dealing With Requirement-Definition Problems
Conducting a Requirements Audit
Demonstrating Compliance
Setting Priorities and Objectives

Project Planning
The Project Planning, Scheduling, and Control System
Risk Assessment and Risk Management
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) - Forms, Approaches, and Guidelines
Scheduling Strategies - CPM vs Critical Chain Method
Estimating Task Durations
Milestone and Gantt Charts
Network Diagrams
Assigning Resources to Tasks
Planning and Estimating the Cost Dimension
Managing Multiple Projects
Project Management Software - Capabilities and Limitations

Project Tracking, Reporting, and Control
Progress Tracking and Reporting Tools
Project Metrics and Early-Warning Signs
Progress and Phase Reviews
Typical Control Measures

Project Communications
Sources of Project Communication Problems
Creating a Communications Responsibility Matrix
Techniques to Gain Cooperation
Managing Irate Internal and External Customers

The Project Team
Securing Team Involvement in Planning, Estimating, and Problem Solving
Understanding and Managing Conflict in the Project Environment
Managing Energy and Vitality in High-Pressure Projects (Project Stress-Factors Assessment)
Leading the Project Team

Project Planning Exercises and Cases

Options: The customer may elect to incorporate certain enhancements and/or modifications or otherwise customize the course. For example:

Duration: 2-days. (Note: A scaled-down 1-day course is available for those who have been introduced to project management tools and techniques.)

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On-Site Training:
This course is available for on-site delivery. Also, a 2-day version is available for those who would like to have the opportunity to use some of the more advanced data analysis capabilities and functions of Excel to perform hands-on exercises.

Lon Roberts, Ph.D. is the principal designer and instructor of the course. Dr. Roberts has held positions as a systems engineer, college professor, association executive, and is currently a principal partner of Roberts & Roberts Associates, an international training and consulting firm based in
Plano, TX. He is also the author of four books and numerous articles and is frequently invited to speak at conferences and professional meetings.

Fees: Rates depend on number of training-days and number of participants. Contact us for a fee quote, and include information on the course you are interested in, also where, when, and how many participants.  We will provide you with a rapid "turnkey" quote.

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