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is a “heart-brain connector for transformational change.”  The purpose of every presentation she gives is to inspire joy and passion in making transformational change a reality—whether it pertains to individuals, teams, organizations, or an entire industry.   Sharon also draws inspiration from the wisdom of children—some of life’s greatest teachers—to provide insights on shaping perception, making decisions, and, achieving key outcomes.

Selling to Women and Couples—Understanding the Power of the Heart-Brain Connection
Contemporary brain research has uncovered compelling insights that explain key differences between men and women—facts revealed by brain scans, brain chemistry, and heart-brain science.  We now know, for instance, that the heart’s “little brain” has elaborate circuitry that enables it to learn, remember, and even feel and sense.  This presentation will spotlight key differences in how men and women communicate, solve problems, and make decisions in tough times and high pressure situations. Learn two statements that are likely to persuade a person to keep the door of their mind cracked open, even as it’s about to slam shut.  Sharon—who is the author of the path breaking book, Selling to Women & Couples—will demonstrate the unconscious silent signals that you use—body language that speaks far louder than words.  You will learn skills that are vital to avoiding disasters and capitalizing on opportunities when it is critical to persuade her, him or them.

Non-Verbal Communication Packs a Powerful Punch
Discover the non-verbal signals that you and everyone consciously, or unconsciously, use that “speak” much louder than words.  In fact, they can and often do pack a powerful punch!  Learn to “read” your internal and external customers through their actions as well as their words.  Also, those you misunderstand between men and women can be extremely costly.  Characteristics such as gestures, eye movement and mannerisms relay important information that influences perception, behaviors, and ultimately, critical outcomes.  What silent power punches are you sending, missing, or misreading?!?

The Art of Developing & Delivering Engaging, Compelling Presentations
One thing we all have in common in this crazy-busy world—we make countless presentations.  Sharon will share with you how to use the Three Power Pivots to quickly develop and deliver an engaging, succinct, and compelling presentation—whether to one, ten, or thousands.  Capitalize on the power of “The Listener’s Rule” to get and keep an audience’s attention and move them to action!  Also, learn vital tips to avoid and recover from “disasters” … and how to overcome nervousness, knocking knees and going “blank.”

Pivotal People on Purpose—Including the Pint-Sized Ones
Everyone can name at least one or two special people who have been pivotal to them and played a key role in shaping the direction of their life or career.  Pivotal people may be adults, teenagers, or children.   In this presentation, Sharon shares how reconnecting with these people can have a tremendous empowering and transforming effect on you … and them!  And, whether you are aware of it or not, you are a pivotal person in someone else’s life. It’s our pivotal people stories that unite and inspire us -- when we share them.  To demonstrate this, Sharon will share how her beloved grandmother shaped her perceptions, attitudes, beliefs and actions through her simple and profound motto: “You can’t just hope and pray, you must put legs to your prayers!”

Attitude & Image Problems = Profit & Loss Problems
Sixty-eight percent of customers who take their business elsewhere do so because of the indifferent attitude of an employee. In spite of spending thousands of dollars to acquire customers, many of them disappear. In today's fiercely competitive environment, companies cannot afford to ignore the reality that the competition is not their worst enemy. The hard facts are, the so-called "soft issues" are what drive customers away. Focusing on the bottom line does not address this profit-robbing problem. Sharon describes how to recognize the attitude and image problems that cause customers to leave. She also explains how to create a lasting, positive impression that keeps customers for life.

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