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Hear what business professionals and meeting professionals have to say about Sharon . . .

"I wanted to thank you for such a great presentation to the folks at our convention. What was especially rewarding was how you were having so much fun and were able to ADD humor to enhance learning and acceptance. I look forward to discussing how we can work together in the future. On behalf of the entire team, thank you for making this event a huge success!"

- Company President in Seattle, WA

"You were very well received by this group! We normally see a stampede of people leaving early on our last day . . . but for you they were glued to their seats . . . that is a huge compliment from our members! Thank you for taking the time to come and speak to our group. I am sure that we will work together again!"

- Operations Manager for Success Group International

"Your combination of wit and grace allowed you to effectively get your point across: the prize will be won by those of us who understand and adjust our behaviors. After your presentation, I read your book Selling to Women & Couples. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for an extraordinary career in sales and marketing. Thank you for a lesson in real life!"

- Sales Manager of a HVAC Firm in Ontario, Canada

"The group listened very intently to your every word. So much, that at dinner on Saturday, you and your presentation was the topic of many conversations. Waffles and spaghetti will never be viewed the same! It was indeed my pleasure to work with you and I will definitely look forward for opportunities to have you with us in the future."

- Marketing Events Coordinator for Alabama Power Company

"I put $22,500 on my bottom line on my next sale - and it was a direct result of what I learned in your seminar!"

- HVAC Business Owner in Washington, DC

"My sales went up immediately when I stopped the 8 behaviors that send off alarm bells to women buyers!"

- Sales Professional in Seattle

"Our staff of 75 sales people increased their sales 12% the next month - after implementing your message!"

- General Sales Manager of an Automobile Dealership in Austin, TX

"Your book is mandatory reading for every person in my company. The investment in this book is the best deal since Manhattan was purchased for a few beads and trinkets."

- President of an HVAC firm in Ft. Smith, AR

"Your message has not only boosted my sales, it has also helped tremendously in my personal life."

- Business Owner & Entrepreneur in Phoenix, AZ

"As a woman, I didn't think your workshop applied to me. Was I ever wrong!"

- Sales Training Professional in Dallas, TX

"Your article in The News is so cotton-pickin' good that I almost got indigestion. How in the world could you have been holding back on this for so long? The best thing The News has done in many years is put you in as a columnist."

- HVAC Business Owner and Civic Leader in Indianapolis, IN

Hear what those in the media have to say about Sharon . . .

"Roberts reinforces the theory with hard numbers."

- Irene Clepper in The News


"Her humor made people feel comfortable hearing about a subject as difficult as sex discrimination - and, specifically, how it can creep into the habits of salespeople."

- Diane Evans in The Beacon Journal


"I encourage contractors to put her book on your "must read" list. And, while you are at it, give it to your salespeople - male and female . . . . You can't afford to disregard its content. Honest."

- Mark Skaer in The News

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